Day 24 30 Oct 2023

It seems the artillery fire from the IDF has been never ending over the past few days, especially late at night. It can go for hours non-stop.

We made a trip to the vet in the next town over for someone who had to put their cat to sleep. No sooner did we get out of town then the sky lit up with Iron Dome exploding incoming Kassams overhead. The picture gives you some idea of the amount of Kassams fires. Each white  puff is an exploded Kassam.

Each White Cloud Was A Kassam Firesd At Us

Thursday we will be taking a person to a dentist appointment a few cities away and at the same time we will do our shopping run for people for shabbat and the beginning of the week.  We picked up the last of the prescriptions we need for people today. So it was a eventful Monday, even with the unbelievable stress associated with every outing.


Thank you for your continued prayers, love and support.


The Love of a Big Sister A Stories from 7 Oct 2023


On Oct 7, A family of four decided to leave Sderot while the first barrage of Kassams were being fired at Sderot. They made it as far as the west entrance of the city.  As they were leaving town the terrorist were entering the town. The father took one of their children and tried to make a run to the bomb shelter on the corner. They shot and killed both the father and his child.

Mom took the other two children and tried to make a run for it. A person stopped, picked her and her two small children up: one 6 years old and one 4 months old. She told the passerby what happened at the entrance of the city and he said they need to go to the police department, and off the four drove; right into a full-on assault on the police department. The man that picked them up and the mother were shot and killed. This left the six-year-old and the four-month-old kids in the car with their dead mother and driver of the car.

It’s Home!

Big sister put her little sister on the floor of the car and spread herself out over her, to protect her little sister.

The six-year-old started screaming for help. A police officed heard her screaming and ran to protect them. The little girl franticly asked the Policeman, “are you Jewish” The policeman reassured her he was and he was there to help them. She kept on telling the police her little sister was under her and to take her first.  If she had not been screaming for help, they would never have known the 2 children were in the car and who knows what would have happened to them.

The two children were safely rescued from the car and taken to grandma house where the six-year-old told grandma that “daddy was shot, mommy was bleeding and didn’t answer me”. At that point Grandma understood her son and his wife were both dead, but her two grandchildren were both save and in her arms.

The six-year-old will have hurdles to climb as she tries to get over this.  Her little sister probable won’t remember any of it, but she will grow up without her mommy and daddy and grandma, will be facing her own set of challenges as well.

I have a big sister; I know how special the love of a big sister is! From before day one of Hope For Sderot she has been instrumental in it and to this day takes care of all the state side matters. This six year olds love for her little sister reminded me of my big sister and just wanted to say Thank you for all you do for me and H4S.