We had a quiet night and a quiet morning. Just because it has been quiet does not mean things are better yet. Maybe it is the calm before the storm? 

A while back we told you about some water we saw running down the steps and out to the street. We turned the water off to stop it from running.

Today we found out where the water was coming from. Two floors up and one apartment over, the house was hit. Fortunately, the people were not at home when it happened. Their sons came home today to pick up belongings for the family and it was then that they discovered their home had been hit.


We were able to help them with food and other household items they will need where they are staying.  When they feel safe to come home, and many people want to come back home, they can’t, at least not until repairs are made or they find a new place to stay.

A few markets are open each day and I just read that the pharmacy is also open for a few hours each day. If that is the case, it will save us a trip to the next city over on Wednesday, but at least we can get them their medicine.

The Army was making their rounds today, checking in on us. They reminded us to stay close to our bomb shelter.  Life for those of us still in Sderot, has changed to the point that it all now seems so surreal.

One of our volunteers who lost their home is in need of baby supplies and they don’t have the resources to purchase them.  They are not the only ones in this predicament.  We are working on getting a supply of baby needs ready to give out. We should be all set for distribution in the next day or two. 

There is no quick fix to this. As the war drags on and people are out of work the needs are going to build. Your love and support will help us meet some of those needs.