Who said you can’t get blood out of a turnip? The only storefront we have ever had is not all that big, about 600 square feet. Almost three years ago when we first rented it was fine for the amount of people we feed.

Over the years as the list of people we help grew we have added shelving here and some more over there and that seemed to help for a while. When faced with where do you put 280 packages of toilet paper we added a second shelf over the center work table and over the front door… that seemed to work.

As the list continued to grow, food for war boxes needed to be set aside and once again we found ourselves looking for more space for shelves. The only spot left to build was the office. So with tools in hand, the office area was removed to make room for more food.

With additional space to store war supplies in what was once office space we stacked cases of canned goods floor to ceiling. That worked for a while, that was until we needed to rotate our war supply stock.

Last week we took the four tons of food or about 7400 bags and or cans out of the back room, removed the last office shelf from the wall and built what I think will be our last building project as we picked up another 65 square feet of storage space… well maybe if we rebuild one shelf unit up front, we may be able to pickup an additional 21 square feet of space.

Why not just find a bigger place? Couple of reasons… this is the home Ha’Shem has given Hope For Sderot… our landlord has been somewhat merciful on us and in reality we could feed another 275 families a week out of our present location just by having food delivered twice a month instead of once a month; all we need is more food to distribute. Lastly it has been our home for almost three years and we thank Ha’Shem for it; it works!