Sometimes life can be overwhelming and not sure what to do or what way to go. For me the past month has been like that. Waiting to see if $11,000 would come from somewhere so we could continue as we have always have, but that never happened.

Instead four pallets of rice arrived, then boxes of blankets, then adult diapers and mattress pads. Next came latex gloves, dried fruit and soup mix… and today came 150 people to pick up what we had for them.

For the month of February these items just sat on our shelves as I was not sure what direction to go in, then I was reminded of a principal in YAH’S economy that I had forgotten, that being… If We don’t give out what we have why should YAH give us more.

With a few phone calls to our volunteers with the good news that we were going to be open, they couldn’t wait to come in to help. That was good for all of us, to be together as a family, sharing the work load and lunch together, needless to say we were all very happy to be together today again helping our brothers and sisters.

As we walked up to the storefront like normal we were greeted by 10-15 people waiting for us to open our door; they were there at 9:00 am but we don’t open our doors until 10:00 am. It seemed to be a steady stream of people all day long, it was a wonderful day.

We are looking forward to next week as we open our doors to those who need our help. Things might not be the same as they were in the past and what we have to give out might change from week to week but there are a few thing that haven’t changed.

Hope For Sderot still has the best bunch of volunteers on the face of the earth, the smiles we gave out today and the smiles we received are still the same, the people thanking YAH for what they were given, unchanged,  it was indeed a sweet offering to His goodness.

In addition to the 291 families we helped this month we were also able to give a special gift of 350 shekels to 41 of our most needy families to help with Passover. We look forward to next month to see how and who we will be able to help.