“Why aren’t there miracles today like in bible days? I hear that often. I hear people who don’t believe in G-D say, ”If there was a voice from heaven like the Children of Israel heard from Mt. Sinai I would believe in G-D, If the sea was parted I would believe… If Manna came down from heaven I would believe. If I saw a miracle I would believe”

Let’s compare the children of Israel who left the bondage from Egypt and us today. Let’s see where the miracles have gone. Look at both generations… the children of Israel who left Egypt would say to us, “How could you not believe?” And we say, “If we were there we would have believed.”

Where do we start… let’s start with travel. The children of Israel walked out of Egypt and walked and walked. You wake up in the morning and get in your car to drive to the corner to get your cup of favorite coffee. When you travel to Egypt, from what ever state or country you live in, you get into a jumbo jet and fly to Egypt, depending on where you’re flying from, fifteen hours more or less. Once in Egypt you get into an air conditioned bus that has a refrigerator with cold bottled water in the front of the bus and a toilet in the back. When was the last time you traveled by Camel or by foot?

Food… manna tasted like anything you wanted. Today you can have any food you want. Do you want pickles; one web site lists 146 different pickle brands. Do you want summer fruit in the winter? You can have it because it’s in that plane you flew in to Egypt, that flies 30,000 feet above the earth is carrying it to you from Chile.

Medicine… If a child of Israel had heart trouble he just died. Today they replace valves and take arteries from your leg and replace the bad one in your heart. In some cases they can give you a new heart. Having trouble with your eye sight, pick out the frames you like and they will make lens to correct your vision. Have cataracts? They can be removed. Don’t like the color of your eyes that too can be changed. For the children of Israel, things just got dimmer and dimmer, and blurrier and blurrier until they could no longer see.

Communication… Foot, camels, donkeys or horse got your communication from one village to another. People stationed on hill tops signaled from one hill top to another. Today those men have been replaced by microwave links, repeaters and cell towers. Today you can call anywhere in the world and in some cases with video. Your e-mail is sent with lightening speed to your friend in Egypt today. Within seconds you receive a reply. Your cell phone has become a permanent attachment to your ear.

Just a thought… have greater miracles than what the children of Israel experienced been hidden by technology, are today’s miracles much bigger than those the children of Israel experienced in the desert.

If you are looking for that voice from heaven or that lighting bolt that will change your life, all you have to do is pick up the Tanakh or the Bible and start reading… lightening from the sky, probably not but your life will be enlightened. That voice from heaven you’re looking for you won’t hear it either but you will hear that “still small voice” of G-D who will speak to your heart as you read. Miracles, there all around, we’re just too busy to see them; they don’t fit into our box of what a miracle should look like. A voice from heaven? The children of Israel were terrified from it and asked G-D to speak only to Moses. They would have been happy with “that still small voice” Just a thought.