We have been busy building and making home improvement. One of our local kindergartens called us for some help. It seemed that the faucet in the kitchen was leaking and they had tried for months to get the city to come fix it for them. With some Teflon tape and new washers the problem was fixed.

 While we were there they asked if there was anything we could do for their sand box. Apparently when the kids are gone the stray cats think it’s their litter box. We were able to make a screened cover for the and now the sand box is clean and healthy for the kids to play in.

 Before we packed our tool we were presented with a small “to do” list, so we installed the shelves, and the microwave, repaired the outside hose bib, did some electrical repairs and painted their cement wall.

 With the summer approaching and the day getting hot, for those that don’t have an air conditioner an open windows is refreshing in the cooler evenings. Along with the cooler air also come mosquitos. One of our elderly widows asked if we could fix the torn screens in the living room, so we did just that for her. She also had a list of small “fix it” list which we took care of for her as well.

  We have a friend that has a south easterly facing home on the second floor, so when the sun comes up in the morning it beats on his place directly until about 2 in the afternoon. We were able to build a covering over his balcony to help keep the direct sunlight off his place.

We currently have four more people waiting for us to get to them. One needs a storage cabinet, another a closet, a single mom need shelving for her babies cloths and the last need some drywall repaired.

 It is a joy to help where we can. In all cases the labor is free. Material is a different story. Some people are able to purchase the material, for some of the smaller jobs we are able to supply the material as funds are available. We have people that donate cabinets and building material they have and that we are able to recycle which helps keep material costs down.

We are here to help in any way we can and you are the ones, our supporters that make it happen… THANK YOU!