Ruth said, “Blessed be the name of the L-RD”. Nehemiah, Job, David and Daniel also said “blessed be the name of the L-RD. Ruth was a widow. Nehemiah was doing the work of the L-RD with insurmountable opposition. Job was being beat up by his friends while he was in a tribulation that most pray never comes our way. David probably recounting his sin as he celebrated Passover and Daniel blessed the name of the L-RD for the wisdom he needed to interpret the king’s dream correctly.

In sorrow, opposition, in tribulation, in self examination of ones sins and in need of wisdom these five people praised the name of the L-RD. Just a thought… when do I praise the L-RD? When do you praise the L-RD? Is it only when things are going good for us or do we bless the name of the L-RD in the dark times as well?

Job asked his wife “Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity”? When adversity comes our way what do we do? Do we praise G-D for who He is, for His unfailing love and for His goodness or do we blame and question Him?

The other day there was a situation that came up in my life… it isn’t pretty and it has to be dealt with. Instead of getting upset I realized that maybe the problem has come my way that I might spend a little more time in close fellowship, in prayer with my G-D, my Father. Maybe this is to build character in me as I rely on Him for the wisdom needed to handle this issue in a way that will be honoring to Him. No matter why it came it gives me great comfort to say with these five people blessed be the name of the L-RD.