We have often talked about the people that we deliver food to each week, but just what is in that bag that the L-RD provides for each of the 144 families that presently receive? Let’s take a look inside…

We have tried to give different items every week and after the first year even took a survey of what people like and don’t like or would like to see instead of what is in the bags given. Some items like tuna, mushrooms, tomato paste, and toilet paper they get every week. The other items like; rice, pasta, cereal, white beans, flour, sugar, salt, dried chick peas, bread crumbs, crushed tomatoes, couscous, corn, pickles, olives, cooking oil, catsup, coffee, tea, toothpaste, laundry soap, dish soap, vinegar, lemon juice and five different spices we give out on a rotating schedule.

We have what might be called “luxury items” cake, cookies, crackers, punch base, coco powder and chocolate spread we give through out our eight week food cycle. Our logic… even poor kids enjoy the treats most of us have on our shelves that our families enjoy.

In addition to the dry food goods G-D has blessed us with three different farms in the area that supply us with potatoes, carrots and tomatoes free of charge. One of Israel’s largest produce distributors has invited us to come to their facility in Lod every other week and they load our van with fruit as well as vegetables. Each bag of produce has eight to twelve items in each bag.

In the eight week cycle the eighth bag will contain 120 different dried food item, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene items; the eighth produce bag will see a total of 16 Kg. (35 lbs.) We thank G-D for His grace and mercy towards us.

Would you like to help fill a bag for a family or maybe just a few items, if so click here.