Our last newsletter was about 200 rockets being fired within 24 hours. In this update, we were hoping to share with you what we have done over the summer and we will get to that, but the breaking news we need to share with you first is the current escalation of violence on the Gaza border and what appears to be an eminent threat of a new war with Hamas.

School Closed
School Closed

Since March of this year when the “March to return” began thing have continued to escalate. It started with protesters on the border burning tires and then helium filled balloons with farmable liquids were sent across the border. As they exploded or landed they set wheat field, other crops, environmental sensitive areas and wildlife refuges on fire. Millions of shekels in farm produce have been lost; tens of thousands of acres have been destroyed as thousands of incendiary devices have been sent across the border.

There have been several Kassam rockets fired at innocent men woman and children. In august over 150 rockets were fired within 36 hours. Lately the new tactic by Hamas is to burn tires to create thick black smoke while terrorists attempt to cut through the security fence so they can cross the border to kill solder and civilians.

No matter how much tear gas is fired to disperse these now daily riots people are still getting injured and killed as the situation on the boarder keep getting more volatile every day.

Last night alarms went off in Beer Sheva and one house took a direct hit. As the residents went down to the bomb shelter the rocket exploded and their kid’s bedroom took the direct hit.

Today, schools are closed as a precautionary measure in anticipation of continued terrorist attacks and violence from Hamas.

Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman has stated “We have to deliver a painful blow. Such a military confrontation would deter any further Gaza violence.” Even then, he said, what would emerge would not be a formal cease-fire, but rather a restoration of quiet for four to five years.

What does this all mean for us in Sderot? To start, schools are closed, parks are once again empty, people are afraid to go outside, to work or even go shopping. The radio in are cars has been turned way down or off so we can hear the “Tseva Adom” alarm if it should go off. There is a renewed awareness of where we are at all times and where we will have to go when the alarm sounds. This is nothing new to us but it is still unsettling and fearful when we realize that we may be at the threshold of another war with Gaza.

Smoke Rising
Smoke Rising

Over the past 4 years since the last confrontation with them, they have not sat by idly but have enlarged and improved their arsenal. With the building that has gone on in Sderot and other border communities there are fewer open fields and now more building that could suffer damage and casualties.
This is where we are today.

Your love prayers and support are important to us and we hope you will continue to stand with us as this next chapter unfolds right before our very eyes. We will do our best to keep you posted as thing develop without overwhelming your in box.

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