Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says he is only pursuing his atomic ambitions for “peaceful” purposes; and the West believes him. The Muslim brotherhood says that they are “non violent” and once again the West believes them. Both have in their charters the goal of ridding the world of Jews and infidels, which in their opinion are slowing the return of the twelfth imam.

The fact of the matter is they are both lying about their peaceful ambitions.
Lying, or Taqiyya, is generally allowable if it is done for the purpose of masking a Muslim’s identity, or in waging conflict with an enemy. The aim is to mislead the enemy about the true nature, goals, or strength of Islam. Taqiyya is acceptable in these circumstances if it advances the cause Islam i.e. by gaining the trust of non-believers (in Mohamed) in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.
What does this have to do with Israel, the people of Sderot and for that matter Hope For Sderot, simply this… War is coming and we need to be prepared. For months we have been telling you about the need to prepare “War Boxes” and that is just what we are doing.

Recently we were blessed with some of the needed items from a group that came from Costa Mesa, California, as well as donations we received from those in Paso Robles, California. We praise G-D and say thank you for your care and support for this work, this effort and these people living in Sderot.

We still have a way to go to meet our goal of preparing 300 war boxes. While our enemies are taking this time of “Hudna” (a cease fire), not with the intention of ending a war, but a temporary laying down of one’s arms because it is advantageous, so that there is an opportunity to re-group, re-train and re-stock so that they can come back at a later date stronger: we to are preparing as well.

The goal of 300 war boxes will only help those 300 families we presently help each week with food. 300 war boxes in no way reflects the true number of those who, when war breaks out will need help here in Sderot.

For those not living in Sderot, the idea of preparing for “war” is a foreign as Charoset. In 1973, I remember asking my dad about the “war” that was taking place in Israel; He said “Don’t worry it won’t come here” and that was the last concern of Israel and the Jewish people I had concerning the war. I realize today that mentality was wrong.

Living in Sderot, for going on three years now, has changed my perspective on the Jewish nation and her people. When you live surrounded by countries that want you gone, that have stated over and over again they want to “wipe you of the face of the map” you look at things a little differently; especially when you have spent the last three years of your life looking for that next bomb shelter you can run to and hide in.

Jew, Christians, Rabbis and Bible scholars all agree on one thing; a war is coming, a time of death and pain that the world has never seen before, that will leave two thirds of all Israel dead. That means when I look at Avagador, his wife, and son only one of them will survive. When you put a face and a name to this staggering number of dead it changes your heart, it compels you to do something, to try to bring comfort to your friends. Who knows that maybe I will be one of those two that don’t live through the next war? (that will spark a e-mail or two from my kids!)

As the supplies and the funds come that enable us to prepare for the coming war, we praise our G-D and thank you for your hearts of love for the people of Sderot. Toda Raba! To be part of this project you can click here or if you are part of a group that is coming to Israel and would like to bring some of the items we need please feel free to contact us at