It seems we go from one project to another. Some projects take a little more time and require a bit more patience then others. Here is an update for you on the “War Box” project…

Last month we were blessed with a donation that will enable us to complete the first fifty boxes of essential items; first aid supplies, paper goods, flash lights, games for kids, candles, matches, can opener and duct tape and plastic to seal your bomb shelter in case of a chemical attack.

We will also be able to complete an additional seventy five first aid kits. We will wait with patience as we look forward to completing these next seventy five boxes.

It was truly a joy today to lay out all the supplies we have collected over the past several months, update our inventory and start packaging up the first aid kits.

The majority of the items do not have an expiration date and the few that do are good through September 2013. It is sad to say, but I believe we will be distributing them before 2013. We can box them up and set them aside for when we will need them.

While we have most of the food items we will need on hand, we will not box them up until we need to distribute them. The canned

goods have a 2012 to 2013 shelf life while the wheat and grain items have only a 6 month shelf life. We will rotate all the food items as the shelf life come close to their expiration dates

We have the ability to rotate our food items because we go through six to seven tons of food a month, so there is always a fresh supply being delivered to us.

Our goal is to prepare 290 “War Boxes”, so that there is one for each of the families we presently serve each week. In the past when Kassams were falling at a rate of 30-40 a day and the residents of Sderot were warned to stay inside near their “safe room”, the people did just that, they stayed in and were afraid to go out. It is then that we will pack up the van and start making home deliveries with these boxes.

To all of those who have come along side of us, THANK YOU. If you would like to come along side with us all you have to do is click here to see what the current needs are or to click here to donate.