This week we have had two visitors come to Hope for Sderot. Wim comes to us from Australia. He has a heart to help and serve with us here in Sderot. He will be with us for a few weeks. At eighty years old he is helping us pack food bags and distributing them to those who come to us for help. He experienced his first “Tseva Adom” the third day he was here. He has had an opportunity to meet many of the people we have written about on the web site. “It is nice to meet these people face to face; and to get to know them beyond the articles I have read about them”.

Glory was only able to spend one day with us but in that day she visited eight different families and helped with the Thursday food distribution. She wanted to come to bless the people of Sderot and she did just that.

She had asked us for a list of people that she and her friends back in Colorado might be able to help with a financial gift. We gave here a list of ten people who have been injured by Kassams or are solders from Sderot that were injured in this last Gaza war. She asked for some help to pick out those that needed the help the most. We told her that would be up to her and G-D. as He provides the gifts and He will also direct her path to the right ones.

The L-RD was most gracious as He provided for all ten people that were on the list. It’s nice to know that G-D is blessing his people and He allows use to be part of it!