As you can tell we are up and running again.Well it was a long and frustrating few day but our web site has been restored. It seems it all started the 17th of October when there was a surge of spam to our contact page and because of that our Hosting company deactivated us.

They restored access to the site only to my computer so I could make some changes to our contact page but I miss understood that it was only my IP address that had access to the site and I thought everything was corrected only to find out Thursday evening that the site had been off line and removed from Google because of the repairs that needed to be made.

Needless to say everything has been repaired and restores. A “captcha” has been installed on the contact page to eliminate the “Spam” problem. So once again we are up and running.

P.S. Thank You Ian for all your help. I am sure all my hair would have been pulled out by now without your help!