We have reported in the past few months that Hamas is spending vast amounts of money to rebuild their terrorist tunnel system. Well just last week residents from Nir Am, The kibbutz just across the highway from Sderot complained of hearing noses coming from under their homes and have felt their floors vibrate as well; The army was called in to investigate.

The recent heavy rain did what man was not able to do. Several Hamas tunnels have caved in due to the rain, killing 8 tunnel builders. As normal, Israel was blamed for the tunnel collapse; Hamas authority’s clamming Israel opened up their dams and tried to flood Gaza.

In the past 12 years Sderot has taken the brunt of the terrorist attacks from Hamas, earning the title “Kassam Capital Of The World” and has received some 7000 rockets attacks within that same period. Now with numerous cities, towns, kibbutzim and Moshavs along the Gaza border, Sderot is no longer the only city that has to deal with terrorist tunnels.

Just about every day since September 2015 there has been a terrorist attack of some kind on either innocent Israeli citizens or on her IDF, border police or regular police force whose job it is to keep us safe. Last Friday there was a report of a terrorist with a knife here in Sderot which caused the streets to empty a bit faster than unusual before Shabbat.

Sunday there was a terrorist attack on a 65 year old grandmother, just because she was Jewish while she was shopping, sending her to the hospital. She is expected to make a full recovery; The attacker… a thirteen year old girl. Yesterday a soldier was stabbed in Ashkelon, just one city away from Sderot, the terrorist was neutralization.

To give you some idea of the severity of the situation since September 13 2015 there have been 119 stabbings, 41 shootings and 23 car rammings and those numbers are growing daily. This is just one of the realities we live with day in and day out.

There are few places in the world where the people can relate to the reality of our daily life, and I would not wish this on anyone; But this is our reality. In part it is the reason Hope For Sderot sends out a newsletter, in hopes to convey to you reality of life here in Sderot, hoping to touch your hearts and thereby you would be willing to become part of this organization that is doing all can, to help and to encourage those people in Sderot that come to us for help.

You will never fully know the comfort you bring with your support; whether its helping keep the lights on in someone home, putting food on the table of any of the 450 families that are presently on our list, giving hungry children a sandwich as they starts their school day or helping a single mother or an elderly person with some of their daily needs.

One of the greatest encouragements we bring is, the knowledge that the people of Sderot are not in this alone and there are people in this world that are not against them just because their Jewish and they are standing right there with you and are willing to help you get through your struggles.

You are the ones that make it happen; you’re the ones that enable us help in all the different ways we do. Thank you to those of you that already help. May I encourage those of you who have not helped in the past to join us today and stand alongside with us at Hope For Sderot and alongside of the innocent men woman and children in Sderot we help. You can do so by clicking here.

If I may be candid for a moment; What we accomplish is incredible yet it is not done by thousands of supports or even hundreds of supporter but by a handful of people who have heard our cry for help. Last month there were 33 people who felt our pain, our anxiety and our fears. Our mailing list does not have tens of thousands on it; in fact it has a total of 1874. Could you imagine what we could accomplish, how many we could help if we did have tens of thousand on our mailing list. Can you imagine what would happen if you were sent this newsletter to your friends or post it on your Facebook page? What a wonderful way for you to help us and become a part of Hope For Sderot!

Here is another way you can help us. What if the next time you bought something from Amazon.com, you signed up on Amazon smile before you made your purchase? It would take you all of about 3 minutes to do that and it costs you nothing, just the 3 minutes. From then on every time you shop online at Amazon they would send us a portion of your purchase price, it would cost you nothing, you would get the same good prices, like I said just 3 minutes of your time.… here is the link to do that.

We really could use your help, and the people of Sderot do need your help .. Please click on the links and share our reality with your friends, Please.