Even though we just got through Sukkoth, it’s now time to start thinking about Hanukah. In 2008 our very first public appearance was hosting a Hanukah party. We had some apprehension because Hanukah that year was during “Cast Lead” the first Gaza operation hoping to halt the constant bombardment by Kassam rockets from Hamas on the innocent men, woman, and children of Sderot.

We have been able to have our Hanukah party every year apart from last year. We hope with your help we will be able to continue this event this year.

In the past it has been a wonderful time and an eagerly looked-for event for the children of Sderot. Over the years we have seen the attendance increase from the 100 children who came to our first party to over 450 children at our last party.

Our party is open to all the children in Sderot no matter which community they come from. As we saw at our last party there was a wonderful mix of children, having fun, being children in a safe building. We need your help to make this happen. You help us already so much to keep our doors open, food on the shelves, and all the other projects we do , and through your love and support we will be able to give something special to the children of Sderot. In light of the recent war this years Hanukah party will be a welcomed event.

The cost of the Hanukah party for the kids is just a little over $3000, and the evening party for those adults we help who have been injured by a Kassam runs $2500.

Among the worst hurt victims of the past fourteen years are the children. For any child born after 2001 they do not know what it is like to live without the “Tseva Adom” alarm piercing the air at all hours of the day and night or the threat of a Kassam rocket coming through your bedroom; They live in constant fear.

These are the children who come to our Hanukah party. For just a few short hours they can run, play and just be kids in a safe environment. The smell of popcorn permeates the air and every child has tickets to the popcorn, cotton candy, hot dog and cold drink stands.

They also enjoy the arts and craft center, loaded with colored paper, paint, glitter, glue, stickers and just about anything you would need to make a head-band or a Menorah.

If that isn’t enough you can play any of the six games and take your chance to win a prize. If you don’t win a prize, that is ok, because you have a ticket so you can pick out any prize you want from the prize table which is next to the candy table which every child will visit before the day is over, but only after Loriet the clown has entertained the kids.

I almost forgot… jelly donuts and pancakes with maple or chocolate syrup are also stops the kids will make before the day is over. If you have too much energy to sit and color or play games you can always play on one of the two inflatable bouncers and bounce and bounce and bounce until you feel like tigger!

For the adults who have been physically injured by a Kassam rocket, it is a time to make them feel special, to acknowledge them and to remind them that they are not standing alone. It will be an evening of being with friends, bingo, finger food, laughter, singing, and a special Hanukah gift.

Through your love and concern for the children of Sderot and those who have been physically injured by a Kassam we will make this year’s Hanukah party a reality. You can click here to help. Thank you for your love and support.