As I read the news this past week I am always surprised at what I read. I think the picture that goes with the news is apropos. On one hand you have Hamas that says there will be no peace talks until Israel ends it occupation to include Jerusalem. Fatah saying Israel must stop all settlement building before they will return to the peace table; Egypt says they will not renew relations with Israel until the issue with the Palestine’s is settled. Iran is still seeking atomic weapons, Saudi Arabia is seeking a resolution from the UN to have Israel divulged there nuclear capabilities and President Obama says he is “happy with the progress of the Middle East peace talks”. I’m I missing something here or reading a different paper?
The world is slowly and discreetly abandoning Israel. Sweden’s largest news paper publishes a story that accused IDF soldiers of abducting Palestinians to steal their organs, saying this was a grotesque throwback to the blood libels of the middle ages. One UN report after another condemns Israel for defending her people and says nothing about Hamas.
I know scripturally and prophetically that before all is said and done Israel will loose all her allies… that is all but one G-D. What really surprises me is how blind the world is becoming to the truth. Anyone with a half a brain could read the news for themselves and realize that there is nothing “happy” about the Middle East peace processes and the intentions of Israel’s enemies.
Two other items and then I will yield the soap box…
TRIPOLI — Swiss President Hans-Rudolf Merz apologized to the Libyan people on Thursday over the arrest in Geneva a year ago of a son of Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi. Hannibal Kadhafi and his pregnant wife were arrested in a luxury Geneva hotel on July 15, 2008 after two servants claimed they had been mistreated.
The couple were freed after two days in custody on bail of 500,000 Swiss francs ($444,00 The complaint was dropped after a lawyer for their servants — a Moroccan and a Tunisian — said they had received compensation.
Lastly… The only man convicted in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 returned home to Libya to die after he was released from a Scottish prison Thursday, a decision that outraged some relatives of the 270 people killed when the jetliner blew up over Lockerbie, Scotland, more than two decades ago.
Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill, who announced the release, said although Megrahi had not shown compassion to his victims – many of whom were American college students flying home to New York for Christmas – MacAskill was motivated by Scottish values to show mercy. Megrahi came home to a hero’s welcome.

I guess the new trend in world political leaders is to apologize and bow down, there by condoning unacceptable behavior or release terrorists because they are sick? It makes one stop and think what’s going on. I think the world has lost its sense of balance. One mother said the reason for the apologue is Scotland needs the oil. I wonder what Sweden needs from Libya, or could it be that Islamic roots are deeper then we would like to think?