Under the cover of morning fog, a group of around ten Palestinian gunmen armed with “huge amounts of explosives” launched a failed Gaza border assault at the Karni Crossing on Monday, in which booby-trapped horses were used, a security source told The Jerusalem Post.
On June 9, two Kassams were fired into Sderot by Hamas Terrorists. They were fired in retaliation of the four Palestinian gunmen killed Monday while armed with “huge amounts of explosives” launched a failed Gaza border. The interesting thing to me is that not a word was mentioned

from any Israeli news source about the 2 Kassams that were fired into Sderot just after noon time. Why? Has Sderot become “non important” again… Has Obama put that much pressure on the Israeli government?

IAF planes attacked overnight Saturday (13 June) two smuggling tunnels in the southern Gaza Strip, IDF Spokesperson said. The pilots reported accurate strikes. The assault is in reaction to the Kassam fired Saturday night from the Strip at Israel. The military spokesperson said that the IDF would react harshly to any shootings at Israel. We can expect to hear “Tseva Adom” in Sderot today… that’s just the way life is in Sderot
Meanwhile Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’ is preparing to give a foreign policy speech on Sunday. His speech comes a day after the Kassam rocket from Gaza hit the Negev on Saturday, bolstering hawkish opposition to any relinquishing of Israeli security authority in the West Bank.
Uncertainty, unrest and growing tensions are the norm for Israel and her neighbors. But if you are a student of the Tanakh or the Bible you know how it will all turn out and how justice and peace will rule not only the Middle East but the whole world when the King of Kings, the L-RD of lords, the prince of peace takes His reign and rules in love, mercy justice and grace.
While writing this story, this news came in…A Kassam rocket fired by Gaza terrorists hit the Ashkelon Beach region on Sunday. The bomb attack came hours after the IAF struck two smuggling tunnels in the southern Gaza Strip. The army said air strike was in response to the Kassam rocket fired earlier Saturday night from the Strip.
The IDF said it would respond harshly to any attacks on Israel. According to the IDF, approximately 670 Kassam rockets, mortar shells and Grad missiles had been fired at Israel since the beginning of 2009.