This week’s headlines read like this….

“IDF to hold drill simulating mass missile attacks across Israel Home Front Command launches fifth major drill to prepare civilians in case of attack; sirens to sound across country on Wednesday, when citizens will be requested to retreat to nearby shelters.”

“Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas called upon European Union nations on Friday to recognize a Palestinian state, according to an AFP report.”

“Ibrahim Sarsour, an Israeli-Arab Knesset Member, calls to establish Islamic Caliphate centered in Jerusalem and praises Hizbullah for defeating Israel.”

“The Mavi Marmara with ten other ships will leave from Greece early next week in a convoy of 10 ships. Its intentions are to break the Israeli navel blockade of the Gaza strip.”

“A controversial vote is set to take place in Holland’s parliament this month which could determine the future of Dutch Jewry. Marianne Thieme, leader of the small Party for the Animals, has proposed that religious slaughter without stunning the animal first be outlawed.”

“Circumcision Ban Fight Turns Ugly with Anti-Semitic Comics”

Since the inception of Hope For Sderot, the plan, the objective, has been to prepare for war, to build a store house if you will, to help the people of Sderot when quite literally all hell breaks loose. The food we give out weekly is a by product of that, in as much as food needs to be rotated.

We have at our lowest point in any given month, a five week supply of food on our shelves for three hundred families. We thank G-D for His provision and faithfulness! It has been the other essential items we needed to complete these “War Boxes” that for the last two years were sloooow in coming, until recently.

There is a phrase in the bible that says, “In the fullness of time”; Solomon said it this way… “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” The fact of the matter is that the season to build “War Boxes” was not here two years ago or even one year ago; even though the seed had been planted in our hearts to do so.

When you plant seeds, whether they are flower or food seed, there is that time between the planting time and the harvesting time. For weeks the seeds are in the ground and yet there are not any tiny green shoots coming up or as much as a crack in the soil. Yet “In the fullness of time” the ground breaks forth and that which you have planted springs forth. “To everything there is a season.”

Over the past several months we have been blessed by you our supports to see the ground break open and this “War Box” seed spring forth. We will be going today to purchase more of the needed items for the boxes and by the end of the week should have close to one hundred boxes completed. Thank you for you love and support.

In light of theses two scriptures and the fact that this portion of the project is under way, it is a blessing and at the same time a wake up call to the reality of what is to come for the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.

Jews and Christians may not see eye to eye on many issues but the one thing they both teach is a time the Jews call “Jacob’s troubles” and Christians call the “Great tribulation”. It will be the hardest time Israel has ever or will ever see as the world turns its back on her and she is left alone to defend herself.

It will be then that G-D will intervene and she will remember her G-D, Mashiach will come and there will be shalom for Israel and the rest of the world as well. Until that last chapter is lived out Israel will have to walk through the valley of the shadow of death and two thirds of Israelis will be lost.

As we watch the news and prophecy unfolding before our very eyes is it any wonder that today we are now in the “season” to be building “War Boxes”?