This week was once again a quiet week here in Sderot, no Tseva Adom, and no Kassams. That is wonderful and welcome, but with this quiet also come a reality that I have stopped looking for that next shelter or that next place I could duck into, something you shouldn’t do. I guess that is one of the attributes of terrorism… it keeps you sitting on the edge of your chair even when it is quiet. Young kids still clinging to their mothers, people are still trying to sell or rent out their homes.  There continues to be a need to help the people here in Sderot.

We were in one of the local
markets this week checking on food prices.  The manager of the market told us they could employ four part-time workers with what Hope For Sderot spends each month on food. He said the jobs are good for mothers because being part time, she can still be at home with the kids… the pay per hour… 20 shekels or five U.S. dollar per hour, well below what we think of for minimum wage in America.

We supplied food to one hundred and fifteen families this week, continued to feed kid in school both in the morning and at lunch time, and this is the second week we supplied vegetables to the local soup kitchen. The L-RD has seen fit to once again fill our shelves with food as we received our fourth shipment of food. Our farmer who supplies our vegetables dropped his price for us this week to two shekels a kilo.

And so we were blessed to spend one more week doing what G-D has called us to do here in Sderot, He supplies the means, the strength and the desire to accomplish all He has for the people of Sderot.

To G-D be all the glory, praise and credit given for all that was accomplished this week. Hudson Taylor once said …”It gives me great comfort to remember that the work is His; that He knows how best to carry it on, and is infinitely more interested in it than we are.” We here at Hope For Sderot are at best the “delivery boys” of the L-RD G-D most high!

“For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness.” Psalms 84:10