With November already half gone we have distributed food to half of all our families so far. We have seen  five new people who have asked for help and have sent out numerous Incontinence and other Personal Care Products for adults. Yefeem came in to visit for a while. His health did not let him stay long or help but it was good to see him again since the passing of his wife Tally last month. If you would, please remember Yefeem in your prayer. With everything he has been through this past month, he could use a little extra support.

It has been a while since our last “Tseva Adom”. On Thursday afternoon, apparently there were two rounds fired from IDF tanks into Gaza in response to Wednesday’s terrorist attack onto our area.  After the first outgoing “Boom” was heard that same old sick feeling hit the pit of my stomach, knowing what had just taken place and wondering if that was just the beginning of things to come.

In the past 5ive years we have held a Hanukah part for the children of Sderot but it looks like this year we will not be having a party this year. We had to take a look at the what was more important, spend the money on the party or buy food for December and we opted to buy food. We have had many calls asking when the Hanukah party was going to be but sadly we have had to share the news that it won’t be happening this year. When we held our first Hanukah I had no idea of the level of poverty here in Sderot and just how much these Hanukah parties would come to mean to kids that live here… maybe we will be able to do it next year.

We have connected with a local bakery. Each night as the bakery closes they package up the baked good from the day and deliver then to us. We divide them up, repackage them and deliver them to as many families as we can. For the most part there is enough to give to three or four families, not a whole lot but we try to rotate the families we give to.

The smell of Rolls, Begets, Sweet treats and Savory Borekas fill the car as we make our deliveries. Sweet treats and Savory Borekas are a luxury for some because of the cost, so they are a welcomed and unexpected treat. On Shabbat we make a last minute delivery run to get the baked good to families before Shabbat is ushered in.

And lastly for this update… we have been asked once again if we can help provide blankets for the elderly this winter. In the past we have been able to help and we will do our best to help again this year. I remember when I was staying with my mom, she was 84 at the time, from time to time she would look at me and say “It’s getting cold in here” that was the clue to turn up the heat for her.

Unfortunately most apartments don’t have built in heaters here. At best you have a portable heater you take from room to room but as you can imagine are quite expensive to run. For senior citizens on a fixed income it is too costly to run long enough to heat up there all brisk and cement apartment… so you do the next best thing… put on a jacket and cover yourself with blankets.
We want to thank you for your support. It is through your generosity that we are able to help the people here in Sderot… THANK YOU. If you would like to become part of this work you can click here, again THANK YOU!