“And you shall remember that you were a slave in Egypt, and you shall be careful to observe these statutes”… De 15:15

Most of us would rather forget; forget our sufferings our hard times, our past, yet YAH tells us six times in Deuteronomy to “Remember” Remember the slavery, the way you were treated, the whips to your backs. Remember how life was before I delivered you.

If I had to sum up Passover this year in one word it would be “Remember”. Remember what life was before I walked in the love of YAH and loved YAH and in His torah. Do you remember when YAH was not in your vocabulary and Elohim was just someone out there in the sky, I do.

Remember what it was like to be lost in sin and to be a slave to its beckoned call. Remember what it was like before you acutely celebrated Shabbat and rested on the seventh day. Remember where you are today and where you once were.

Even though Passover is behind us we will still be in the Passover season until The Feast of First Fruits.

When we forget we lose appreciation for what we have been given and the newness of life we now walk in. When we forget where we have come from we tend to treat people as if we were Egyptian task masters and not redeemed slaves.

When you remember where you have been and where you have come from you tend to have a little more compassion on those who have not their personal exodus from their Egypt, from the things that keep them in slavery or have made the fifty day journey to the bottom of Sinai the receive Torah and the spirit of YAH which gives us the understand and grace to walk in the newness of life.

Then there is the whole aspect of remembering the promises YAH has made to us. “I will never leave you or forsake you”, “As far as the east is from the west I have removed your transgressions”, “I know the thoughts I have of you, of a future and a hope”, “ If you seek Me I will be found of you”. The list of promises YAH has made us could go on for pages and for each of us we hold certain promises close to our hearts… Remember the time you didn’t even know YAH had made promises to us?