The Voice Of Sderot … Meet Avi

I have not lived all my live in Sderot, not have I lived all my live in Israel. I came home over ten years ago. What was I was hoping to find, what was I looking for, I really can’t say all I knew is it was time to come home to Israel.

Sderot is a wonderful little town and I have many friends here. We, my wife and kids fell in love with the town as it reminded us a bit of where we moved from in the states; except for the stress of the constant threat of a terrorist attack.

The constant threat is something that has become the “normal” way of life. At times it is harder than other times. We never go out without the thought in the back of your mind to look for the next place to hide or when you hear a loud noise you jump.

My car is an older one and every now and then then the seat belt sticks when I try to open it, when that happens a sudden rush of fear and panic overwhelms me. With the last war and the uncovering of the tunnels Hamas has dug add to the stress of rockets being fired at us. One of the tunnels that was discovered was just on the other side of the highway from Sderot and even at my age going out at night has become a little harder.

With the new violence going on in Jerusalem that too adds to the stress because we have Arab workers in and around Sderot working on different construction projects and you just never know what might happen. The other day I was driving down the street and a tractor was coming in the opposite direction and the thought of what has happened in Jerusalem came to mind.

Going to the synagogue has now also become stressful, never knowing who will walk in the door. All this adds to an already stress filled life and this has nothing to do about the everyday stresses of health, putting food on the table, work or making ends meet.

For the past few years Hope For Sderot has helped us with food, blankets and diapers for our youngest. They help keep our lights on by paying an overdue electric bill. I am not sure what we would do without their help… I guess it would be just one more stress.

I want to thank those who support Hope For Sderot, you have become a safety net for me and my family… Thank You.