Now the Gazan terrorists are attaching IED’s (improvised explosive devices) to the balloon clusters

We are starting a new year with new challenges and dangers. All during the summer of last year Hamas and the terrorist groups in Gaza strip started sending helium filled balloons with lite “Molotov cocktails” (containers filled with a flammable liquid attached to them). The flame would burn the string that attached the Molotov cocktails to the balloons, sending the container to explode into flames where ever it hit. To date, there have been some 2000 fires started, burned and over 8500 acers of forest and farm land destroyed.

Incendiary Balloons
Incendiary Balloons

Now the Gazan terrorists are attaching IED’s (improvised explosive devices) to the balloon clusters as well. To date there have been no physical injuries but there is a heightened awareness of what is flying overhead, stuck in trees or balloons on the ground. Now, not only are we on the constant lookout for the next safe place to run to in fifteen seconds but now you need the other eye looking for what might be floating in the air above your head.

You can hear explosions all times of the day and night and there is no way to warn us about their incoming which adds one more layer of stress to an already full plate.

On the bright side, a joint effort by Israel police, the IDF, private sector engineers and the Ben Gurion University has developed the “Light Blade”, a laser beam system designed to take down the incendiary devices as well as explosive drones. It is reported that it has a ninety percent success rate of all of the targets it detects from two kiloliters away, day or night.  The only drawback is that presently there is only one and they cost around one million dollars to produce.

“life on the border with Gaza-things people may not know”

If you use Facebook, there is a group called “life on the border with Gaza-things people may not know (but should)”. Adelle Raemer and the group will welcome you to the group with open arms and will keep you up to date on what is happening on the Sderot-Gaza boarder.


Now that you are up to date on what is happening on our boarder, let me tell you in this brief overlay, what Hope For Sderot has been doing lately…

Baby Clothing 
Baby blankets, baby clothing go out as fast as we get them in. From our inception we have helped new mothers and their families with new baby clothes and diapers and toys.

Jackets and Other Winter Clothing
During the summer months we were able to get warm winter clothing and jackets.  Today we only have a few left. Good warm clothing is expensive so we are fortunate that our supporters keep us supplied!

Hot Meals
Four nights a week we distribute hot meals to families in need. The meals come from one of our local schools and we pass them on to those in need. We even get some that are Vegan!

Shabbat Food Shopping
Each week we go food shopping for several families for Shabbat. We do our best to help make Shabbat the special day it is, by taking some of the burden of the cost for Shabbat. For some of the elderly or disabled, we deliver their food already cooked for them. They get it warm just hours before Shabbat starts.

Home Repairs
Whether it is putting in a new light switch, patching a wall and giving it a new coat of paint, replacing a leaking faucet or a broken toilet seat,  we help as many as we can.

Daily Bakery Run
We supply cheese, chocolate spread, pita, Potato Bourekas and milk to one of our schools each morning. Too many kids come to school hungry or have left their lunch home. We make sure every kid that is hungry has something to eat.

Household supplies
Simple things like toilet paper, trash bags, paper towels, sandwich bags can add up but thanks to our supporters we are able to keep them on our shelves to help… even with the small things.

Every Thing We Do Is Made Possible By You

Our plate stays full and it all gets done because of YOUR love, and support. “Thank You” from Hope For Sderot and from those we help through your generosity. To know that there are people who are standing with us, that care about us while the Kassams rockets fly, the “Tseva Adom” alarms go off or the balloons explode is truly a huge comfort. Thank You again and again!