I have been asked to pray for a friend that the perfect will of G-D would be done in their life. As I read the message I couldn’t help but to say to my self “The will of G-D is always perfect.” This is a prayer we have all prayed at one time or another, especially when we find our selves between that preverbal rock and a hard place. As I thought about this prayer request I wondered what is it that I am really praying for when I pray this prayer?

This is what I came up with… I don’t want to be in this position and I want G-D to change the outcome from His perfect will for my life to what I want. I find myself praying that G-D will see thing from my perspective and to see things my way’ that He will give me what I want… It doesn’t work that way.

Yes I should tell my heavenly Father how I feel; just as I would share my feeling with my spouse or my dad, they would want to know how I feel and so does G-D. Sometimes I had to say no to my kids and you do to… why… because you see the bigger picture and you know if you say yes it would not be the best thing for your kids. If we, being the flawed parents that we are, know how to look out after our kids, how much more does G-D look out after His kids?

Maybe my prayer should not be a prayer for G-D to see things my way, even though I wrap it up in a nice spiritual “Your perfect will package” but rather it should be “L-RD give me the strength and grace to accept what you have in store for my life and may I live my life for you no matter what.” “Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity?” Those were Jobs sentiments concerning hard time.

Those hard times G-D allows to come my way are His way of saying “Stewart, I know you may not understand what is happening or why this is coming upon you but know this, when this passes, and it will, you will be stronger in your faith and reliance upon Me and your life will be a praise unto Me.”

His Perfect will… always… my willingness to accept it rarely. But like Job “Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity?”