Part of our Hope for Sderot was and is to supply basic food needs not only to those who have been injured by Kassam rocket but also to those who also suffer from the effects of eight years of Kassam rocket attacks on the local economy and job market here in Sderot. Unemployment is high and poverty even higher, so to help with some of the basic food items is one of those desires that have been laid on our hearts.

We started looking for a location to set up a storage and distribution center and we found one. It is in the center of town, near the Post Office, the banks, a bus stop is near by and it is five

doors away from a bomb shelter. We signed a one year contract on December the first and we were cleaning and painting on the second.

It is approximately 560 square feet or 52 square meters. We will be able to store enough food for a one month supply for two hundred and fifty families. We will also be able to set up a small temporary office space and reception area for those we will serve.

We hope to have all the painting and cleaning completed by December the fourteenth, when we will set up tables and start filling Hanukah boxes for the Hanukah party on December the 18th.

We are hoping that we can begin installing shelves the following week and just maybe have food on the shelves by the first week in January. Your prayers and support for this project are a comfort to us and appreciated.

“Who remembered us in our lowly state, For His mercy endures forever; And rescued us from our enemies, For His mercy endures forever; Who gives food to all flesh, For His mercy endures forever. Oh, give thanks to the God of heaven! For His mercy endures forever. Psalm 136:23-26