Every now and then you hear of a story, a situation that is hard to deal with.  We have come across many such stories, and the one we heard today is right up there.
Elanete is married and a mother of four and just found out she is pregnant. She came seeking financial help from us. But we don’t give financial aid, only food, home restorations, and sometimes clothing.

She went on to tell us that she can’t afford to have another child, they are so far behind the financial eight ball that presently her

only solution is to have an abortion. We are able to supply them with food that will free up some finances for them; but it is not enough.  She will be out of work for three months when the child is born.  She and her husband, Elan, work different shifts to support their family and they hardly ever even see each other – only to discuss how they’re going to make ends meet.

We are hoping to find one person or ten people that might be willing to adopt Elanete, her family and their unborn child. Is there a fellowship or a group a synagogue or a combination of all the above that would like to help this family?  If so, please click here to contact us. As support comes in we will notify Elanete and give her the good news that there are people that are willing to come together to help her raise her child.