We had the privilege of attending a birthday party for Moshe, who just turned twenty one. Three weeks ago, he was in Gaza with his army unit tracking down terrorists at night. In their last encounter of the Gaza war, he was hit by shrapnel from a RPG (rocket propelled grenade).  The shrapnel missed his heart by less than a half inch, and he sustained only injuries to his arm. A half inch more and there would not have been a twenty first birthday, no joyful occasion, no Moshe.

As we all sat there and saw his mom and dad smiling, and his sixteen family members, we could only praise G-D and thank Him
for protecting Moshe.  

Last night, we sat “Shiva” with another friend of ours.  Bella mourned the loss of her twenty seven year old son, Yoni.  His sisters mourned the loss of their big brother.  His wife, Oshnat, mourned the loss of her husband.  His three year old daughter asking “where is Abba”. Yoni, passed away last Thursday of a sudden heart attack.

Two days, two different friends and both totally opposite occasions, one son spared, one taken. Yet I see the hand of G-D in both situations, His love, His mercy, His compassion, His provision and His grace. “The L-RD gave, and the L-RD has taken away; Blessed be the name of the LORD.” Please praise G-D for His mercy in Moshe’s life and please pray for comfort for the Casablan’s (family of Yoni).