Due in part to the Bernard Madoff scandal, the Soup Kitchen here in Sderot has closed it doors to some fifty people a day. For some it was the only hot nutritious meal they received. Please pray with us as we seek the heart of our Heavenly Father and our involvement in this.

We are presently doing a feasibility study to see just what it would take to open the soup kitchen once again. We presently have the price for a building and we looked at equipment today. We still need to put together a menu and work up a cost of the food. We have volunteers wanting to be part of this and cooks willing to come in and do the cooking… all we need is a green light from the L-RD.

As we seek His heart we will continue to do the leg work needed before it could be opened. If He wants a soup Kitchen open, He will provide and we are waiting and willing to serve (quite literally!) Please pray with us and for us. Toda Raba (Thank You).