1. The Good NewsHolyday is right around the corner
  2. The bad NewsGetting ready for refugees coming to Israel
  3. Some More good newsWith your help we will make the good news great, the bad news good and that in itself is good news!

Some of The Good News

The Holyday of Passover is just a few weeks away.

As in days past, we have been able to help many families with food during this special time and I hope and pray that this year will be no different. When it is hard to make ends meet in normal times it is even more difficult during the holidays. Once again, we are in the planning stages of who and how much we can help. With your help we hope to achieve all we are planning to do this year.


Some of The  Bad News

As Jewish refugees leave the Ukraine, many with their husbands left behind to defend their country, they make their way to Israel and will be starting over with whatever they were able to put in a suitcase, or in some cases just with what they had on their backs. At this point we do know what cities they will come to, but we would like to be ready for those who make their way to Sderot.

Not knowing If you will ever see your loved one again is unfathomable and you shouldn’t have to worry about what you will feed your family. There are things we can not help with but we sure can help with food and clothing, as we try to make this time a little more manageable.

One of our friends in California has been planning for the last few months to send a container of good used furniture to us and now we understand why that is. But that will only help in part. Blankets and household items are needed for them to set up their new homes here in Israel. The need for clothing is another need. Food is right up there on the top of the list as well.

For their children’s toys and art supplies, soccer balls to help replace what was left behind, are in order as well. As with any new immigrants until they can find employment, the cost of everyday items will be a struggle; diapers and baby formula, hygiene products and the likes are all needed.

Many of these items are cost prohibitive to send by post to Israel, so we will set up a fund with whatever we receive to help with cash grants as they are made available to us.

 Some More Good News

We need your continued love and support more then ever during this time.
If it is possible, if you find it in your heart to help, please click on this link and mark you gift for “Ukraine”  

With your help and support we will turn part of this tragedy into “Some more Good News”, for the refugees that have lost everything and are having to start all over again.