Last week we had a chance to spend some time with the soldiers from Unit Yaron. Ten of us went to Brit Yanai Monday night to meet the soldiers as they completed a fifteen kilometer run. They left Netanya that afternoon and arrived at Brit Yanai around 10:30 that night caring soldiers on stretchers (as part of their exercise in endurance).
Their clothes were dripping wet with sweat as they made their way into the camp site that had been set up for the ceremony that would follow this portion of training. There are one hundred men and twenty women in this unit. After the end of this phase of training they will be spending three weeks on the front lines in Ramallah while the current unit takes time for some additional training.
We had dinner with the unit and had the opportunity so spend some time and get to know these kids/ solders a bit more. I say kids because the average age of the men and woman of this unit is 21. it was also good to see Matan again, this time in his element.
We are presently a third of the way to being able to supplying all one hundred and twenty soldiers with the needed clothing items upon graduation in late December. There is still time to become part of this project, all you have to do is click here.