We received a call from a social worker here in Sderot asking if there was anything we could do to help a disabled elderly lady. Thanks be to G-D and praise the L-RD we were able to start this week on the bathroom remodeling project for Albina who has lived in Sderot for 15 years. She lives with her daughter who has back problems as well as psychological problems too.

With the tub removed, the old damaged wall torn out and the rusted out studs replaced, we installed new drywall and the new tile will be here shortly for the floor and walls.

Sometimes we are able to help with the cost of the material, but we could not this time. Between the funds from the social worker and what Albina was able to scrape together with her post dated checks, the cost to her was less than two thousand shekels – a far cry cheaper then the original estimate of 14,000 shekels.

We were able to do the labor for free, making a reality out of a desperate need. We say, “Baruch Ha’Shem!” We were able to help in some small way.