As we entered into the high holyday season Hamas entered into a new round of Kassams being fired into Israel two of the five landing in Sderot. There was minor damage to a bus, the other landed in an open field.

There were no physical injuries reported yet everyone was injured physiologically by effects of the Accumulative Traumatic Stress Disorder which has been going on for the past fifteen and a half years.

The Iron Dome was re deployed to Sderot and there is now one stationed in the field where it always sit and it is manned by a handful of solders that are now living out in the summer heat to protect us.

 A while back the city put doors on the public bomb shelters in order to keep the clean and safe. The doors automatically open was the “Tseva Adom” alarm sounds.

The city has ordered to doors to remain open for the time being in light of the calls from Hamas “Day of Rage”.

Granted these days of rage are pointed at the old city in Jerusalem but The terrorist cells in Gaza take the opportunity to fire rockets at innocent men woman and children. So for now our holiday season has this gray cloud hanging over our heads.

 On a happier note we were able to help some, not all of the 450 families with special holiday gifts. We fell short of what we hoped to do and give out but are still very thankful or the help we were able to give. From special trips to the market, food vouchers and in some cases cash we were able to ease the added cost of the holiday.

We now start the second to the last holiday of Succoth which is a seven day and we are still looking for and hoping some the ability to help other families next week. We really could use a “shot in the arm” If you have never helped us before, would you consider helping us today? It’s easy… just click here to get started.

Two other simple ways you can help are: when you shop on log in at, select Hope for Sderot as the charity you want to support and Amazon will send a portion of your purchase to us at no additional cost to you… Pretty cool!

Secondly, If you would pass our newsletter on to some of your friends that would help us get the word out about the need and the dangers we face day in and day out here in Sderot.  

We have no big corporate sponsors just loving, caring people like you so every little bit helps! For which ever ways you chose to help us…THANK YOU!