This New Year starts with great a expectation, but also with a bit of apprehension. As the world debates what to do about Syria I can’t help but believe that Israel will be the target of their retaliation and to date I have not heard anyone speak about that.

In light of the present situation we at Hope For Sderot will once again be focusing on our “War Box” items. As the list of people we help grows so does the need fill more war boxes with the most basic of basic essentials; plastic and tape to seal of your safe nook or bomb shelter in case of a chemical attack, disposable eating utensils, a few games for the kids, a flashlight and extra batteries, candles and matches, and things of this nature – as well as basic first aid supplies.

Each box runs about $30 to fill and will only be given out when needed. Most of the people we serve can’t make it week to week no less than to have even this small amount of necessities on a shelf just sitting for “What If”. Others sad to say have their heads stuck in the sand believing that the government will give them enough warning and they will be able then to go out and buy what they need.

I am sure we have all seen the pictures of shops on the news before a hurricane hit… the shelves are empty and supplies are hard to find even in a state like Florida where there is a market and a Home Base just about on every other corner. Sderot isn’t that fortunate, and between the four places you can buy plastic and tape how many of the 19,000 residents here will go home with what they need?

We could use your help about now. We still have over 150 boxes to fill and time may be running short. Maybe you or your group could help us provide the very basics of survival items that just might save a life. Please consider helping. You can click here and it will take you to our “donate page” and you can click here and it will take you to our “War Box” page. Thank you for your consideration and support.