Since our last news update and the story entitled “Signs of The Next War?” there has been a steady trickle of Rockets fired into Israel from terrorists in Gaza.

Apparently this new escalation (?) is coming from a group called the “Omar Brigade”, an organization affected with ISIS. According to Hamas the Omar Brigade is wanting to start trouble between Hamas and Israel (if you can believe what Hamas is saying about the Omar Brigade).

Israel has taken the position that Hamas, the ruling party is responsible for any and all terrorist attack emanating from the Gaza strip and will respond to each attack accordingly.

Israel, not willing to take any changes had once again deployed the “Iron Dome” to the towns bordering Gaza and the one deployed to Sderot sits in a field just outside my home. With the Iron dome comes two different felling’s.

On one had to see it in place, set up and ready to respond is like having ten thousand dollars in your savings account, it’s there if you need it. On the other hand it’s very presents reminds you of last summer and Operation Protective Edge.

It brings a certain amount of security and at the same time it brings a certain amount of fear, the same fear the people of Sderot have lived with for the past fifteen years and I personally have lived with for the past eight years.

With the sound of fighter jets above this morning, the Iron Dome just outside, we sit waiting to hear “Tseva Adom”, knowing sooner or later it will happen; once again driving home that we do not suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) but rather from ATSD (Accumulative Traumatic Stress Disorder) as this rollercoaster ride has been going on how for almost 15 years.

The feeling in town by the people we have talked to today is ‘Here we go again”; “last summer was lost to war will this summer be the same?”

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