As we ended the celebration of Purim we were reminded that Haman is still alive and well. Over the last twenty four hours one hundred Kassams, mortars and Grad rockets have been launched from the Gaza Strip landing in all around us.

There has been property damage and multiple injuries to Israeli citizens. We have been warned to stay in door and close to our safe rooms or bomb shelter. Schools will be closed on Sunday as we wait and see what direction this new escalation will take.

The IDF has been responding to the terrorist attack on innocent men woman and children with precision aerial bombings of weapon factories, known terrorist cell location, smuggling tunnels and actual launch sites.

As in days past Hamas and Fatah put the blame for this new escalation on Israel and now wage war in news papers and television reports. They are now looking for Egypt to help broker a new cease fire and for the UN to condemn Israel.

I am in no way a political science major so I have a hard time understand the peace process. The only precondition to peace talks Israel want is for Hamas and Fatah to recognize Israel as a sovereign Jewish state and its right to exist; is that to much to ask? Apparently so.

So we will spend the evening and early morning hours in and near our bomb shelters, listening for the next ‘Tseva Adom” alarm to sound or the boom of either incoming or out going explosions.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem… I don’t believe true, lasting peace will ever happen until Meshach comes. So I guess what we really should be praying for is for His soon coming. There will be periods of relative calm where people will get there hopes up but only to hear once again “Tseva Adom”