In spite of the tragedies of life that the people in Sderot have had to live the past nine years, there is still something wonderfully different about this town and its people… Take Tovah for instance…

She lost her husband, Moshe, four years ago. To help preserve his memory, Tovah, which means “Giver” and her daughter, Tikva, which means “Hope” wanted to do something special for the community. They purchased folding tabled and chairs. You may think this is a strange way to have people remember your husband and father.

Here in Sderot you have Bar and Bat mitzvahs, Brit Milahs, weddings, funerals and all the biblical holydays. In most cases, you need tables and chairs for family, friends and guests. There is no rental yard that you can jump out and pick up a few tables and chairs. But you can give Tovah a call and tell her how many tables and chairs you need, for how long and for what day, and they’re yours.

If you try to offer her something for helping, she will never take it and only says Baruch Ha’Shem. Most people in Sderot know of Tovah, and the service to the people of Sderot in her late husband’s name. She wants nothing in return, just that her husband, Moshe, be remembered.