WE told you back min December about Yaeli a beautiful one month baby girl. She came into this world like every other baby except for one thing: her mother did not want her so she abandoned her. Her father at her birth was in jail and Child protective services had taken custody of Yaeli.

Dudu and Aliza could not see Yaeli go to an orphanage so they asked for temporary custody of her, which they were granted. In these past six months Yaeli has become a part of her new family life, knowing all along that if her mother came back in to her life or her father got his life straightened out that she could be returned to her biological parents.

Also during these past six months she has experienced her first “Tseva Adom” alarm, although she presently has no idea what that strange noise and accompanying “Boom” means yet. As she gets older she will learn just what “Tseva Adom” means just like all the rest of Sderot’s children twelve and younger have learned.

Just a few days ago we learned that biological mother still wants no part of Yaeli’s life and her biological dad remains in jail. Because nothing has changed the state had give Dudu and Aliza the green light to legally adopt Yaeli; they have already begun that process they told me.

She had the joy of being heeled by her new grandfather but she didn’t have that for long because he passed away two months ago. Maybe you would like to become an aunt, uncle, big brother or sister … maybe a grandparent, if so please click here. We will continue to do our best to help them as much as possible as G-D tugs on your hearts to help make a difference in Yaeli life.