One of the joys of being part of Hope For Sderot is meeting and working with the volunteers that come from the States. Some are able to spend a day with us, others weeks or months. One of the saddest part of being part of Hope For Sderot is when the volunteers leave to go back home. In most cases their time with us here was a once in a life time experience… But every now and then they are able to return and this week brought one of those rare occasions.

Last year Linda came to us from Paso Robles, California. This nurse spent a month with us doing everything other than nursing. She spent time staining, drilling, screwing wood for the park project we were working on and went home with blisters on her hands from digging holes in the accent soil with a claw hammer so that we could anchor the park benches she helped build in cement.

Well the blisters have healed, the hard work in the hot sun did not scare her away, on Monday of this week we went to the airport to pick her up as she has chosen to spend her spring vacation time here with us in Sderot again. She worked double shifts for weeks to accrue enough time so she could spend the month with us.

We won’t work her quite as hard as last time but we do have two picnic tables that still need to be put in the park, some mold and peeling paint to remove from a bathroom and many friends to visit and catch up with.

This time, Linda is actually using some her G-D given nursing talents. One of our volunteers, Yael, fell and is now suffering from Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome in her left leg. Linda is going over to her house each day and giving physical therapy.

Some of her friends and colleagues in the States think that the choice for a vacation spot should be re-thought especially for her fall vacation. For us to have her back it is a privilege and a joy. We (volunteers that come from outside of Israel) come to show love and support to those here in Sderot and some how we are loved and become one with the people of Sderot, it becomes a second home to us… I’m not sure how that works.

Linda is well acquainted with the sound of “Tseva Adom” and the fifteen second dash to safety and yet she is here again to bless us! I pray she will not hear “Tseva Adom” this time during her visit. Welcome Home!