Purim is the Jewish Holiday that celebrates the faithfulness of G-D to protect His people. Many of you know the story: How G-D turned the tables on Haman and his plot to try to wipe the Jewish people off the face of the earth. In the end, Haman was the one executed, and the Jewish people lived without the threat of being exterminated.

Every year since Haman, this story has been repeated over and over again and each time we see the faithfulness of our G-D. Today, the sentiments towards the Jewish people are the same. Just the names have been changed. There is no longer a Haman;
but there is a Hamas, a Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and a Hezballa. Their desire is the same as Haman’s, and I believe without a doubt, their outcome will be the same. Why? Because G-D is faithful, and He never changes! If you have the time, read the book of Ester. It’s a short book in the Bible, just before the book of Job.

Hope For Sderot would like to have a Purim Party for those who have been injured by Kassams. We have started making plans, reserving a safe facility to rent for the day, finding a clown, people who will help kids with costumes, games for all ages, a costume contest (of course every kid will win a prize, and what would a party be with out Bingo for the adults and Hamantashen (Haman’s ear cookies.) The cost for the party is about $3,000.

You may ask “why the expense and even the need for the party?” The people of Sderot possibly more than any other Israeli knows what it is like to live with a Haman as your next door neighbor. These people have felt first hand the pain of the Haman of this age – Hamas. It is important to us to be able to seize this opportunity, especially as we have just come out of an operation in Gaza, to remind them of the faithfulness of G-D. It is a time to remind the children that their G-D still sits on the throne of heaven, that He has not abandoned them and by no means has He forgotten them. It is a time to remind them that G-D loves them.

We want to give a little bit of joy to these folks who are constantly in fear wondering, “when will the next bomb attack me?”.  

Purim is on March the ninth. If you would like to donate to this project please click here