Within the next two months we will celebrate Purim and Passover. The Holiday of Purim and the Feast of Passover should both joyous occasion but for those we help it becomes a stressful time. A friend of mine told me “ I hate the holiday because I can’t afford them”. With the added expenses that come with these two holiday and the added pressure His felling about them is understandable, but that should not be.

We need your help to help those on our list. I hope you will continue to read this newsletter and just not delete it at this point because we are asking for help. It wouldn’t take a lot from anyone if everyone helped out just a little.

Purim, a time to “Remember” that Haman was not successful in extinguishing the Jewish people. Today it is a time for children to dress up like their favorite biblical character ( O.K. a few supper heroes find their way in too!) as they remember and the story is once again passed down to the children one more time. It’s a time to remember what Queen Ester did and to remember that there are still Haman’s in the world trying to destroy the Jewish people.

Today Purim is celebrated with giving of gifts… plates of cookies and candy, it is a joyful time, as Ester and Mordechai names are applauded and Haman’s name is booed. We have been asked if we can help one of the elementary schools with their Purim celebration.
The school is hoping we can help by supplying some of the “goodies” for their Purim party, which will be in two week. It will not take a lot to help put a smile on the faces of 397 children, but when you have not budgeted for it, $750 is more than we have to help. Maybe you might want to celebrate Purim with us and help us bring a smile to a child this Purim.

Passover is the start of the biblical year and it comes with special food and festive meals, it too is a time to “Remember” where we have come from and who delivered us out of bondage. Unfortunately there are those who are still in bondage to poverty, unemployment and only feel the pressure of the holidays and not the joy, and like my friend dread the holiday.

Will you celebrate Passover with us this year? As you remember the bondage (whatever your bondage might have been) or your deliverance from poverty would you please “Remember” the 450 families who have lived the past 13 years with the constant threat of a terrorist attacks and “remember” to click here and please pass this on to those you you know… Toda, Toda,Toda Raba! (Thank You, Thank You, Thank You very much)