It just happened today that I was in the market and I bumped into Jack and his friend Gabel. We had helped them before with drinks for a Purim party they had last year for their after school club.

He asked once again if we could help with five cases of punch drinks; to that we said yes and we would call him once we got bought them so they could come and pick them up.

Let me now back track a bit. We were able to take Shoshanna to the dentist on Tuesday. The owner of the dental office brought out this box full of small gift boxes. There the kind you fold together to make the box. They were for Purim. Not wanting to offend her we said thank you and put them in the car. I asked Eti “What will we do with these” She said “Keep them you never know”

As we went to pick up the drinks I told the crew that was still giving out food put together 100 of the boxes. They were small boxes and after you put a bag of chip in them it would not take a lot of candy to fill them up, so that’s what we did.

With the 100 boxes filled and five cases of punch drink, we called jack to come and pick up the boxes of drinks, not telling him about the candy but wanting it to be a surprise. When he came in we gave him the drinks and told him the 100 boxes of candy on the table were his as well. He was totally surprised and caught off guard.

As we waited for the taxi to come and help him get all the goodies back to the location of the club he thanked us again and again. He told us that he and Gabel did not have enough money to buy the candy and that they were praying for Abba Ha’shamiam (our Father in Heaven) to come to there aid.

I told Jack that YAH had started working on the answer to their prayers yesterday when we were given these boxes for candy from all people a dentist! We reminded him that YAH heard and hears the cry of his heart and that we were truly nothing more that His delivery boy and girls, nothing more.

With a tear in his eye he said thank you again loaded up everything rejoicing in our Eloheim, our GOD. It is exciting to say the least when you know you have been used by YAH to answer someone prayer.

As far as the four words that started this story “ It just happened today”; that too was just a part of YAH’s well orchestrated plan as well!