Helping Shoshanna smile:
We have made some progress in our effort to put a new smile on Shoshanna’s face but we still have miles to go before new dentures will become a reality. Shoshanna had a traumatic childhood after being doused with gasoline and set on fire at the age of three. She then as an adolescent had to live with looking different than the other kids and endured years of one corrective surgery after another.

All through her life she has had little to smile about and today, with a mouth full of rotting teeth, she still is reluctant to smile. There is no way she could ever pay for a set of dentures, especially living on the disability check she receives from the government.

We take the ability to smile for granted and for those who still have the original teeth G-D gave you, many times never even think twice about it or ever say thank you for the teeth you have. For those who have dentures, yes there are some foods that pose a problem but in spite of these challenges you can still freely smile without being embarrassed. For Shoshanna eating is difficult and other than around her close knit group of friends, smiling is out of the question.

If you are thankful that you can smile and have little problems chewing, things we all take for granted would you consider helping Shoshanna? Would you be willing to help put a smile on her face? If so click here.

Rosh Hashanah gift baskets:

The Jewish New Year is celebrated with special meal. For some the expense of a special meal is out of the question because of the years of unemployment caused by years of Kassam rocket attacks from terrorists in Gaza.

With help from The Joshua Fund the 227 families we are presently helping will receive grape juice and honey, two of the items that are part of the celebration. Apples, pomegranates, honey cake are some of the other items that are also part of Rosh Hashanah. In our next newsletter we will tell you more about Rosh Hashanah.

In addition to the 227 families we help weekly there are another 50 families who have been injured by Kassams that do not need our weekly help with food, but who are remembered with these gift baskets for Rosh Hashanah. In addition to these two groups of people we were asked today if we could help with an additional sixty Rosh Hashanah gift baskets. We have 337 families asking for help. Would you like to add a little sweetness to the lives of these 337 families? If so click here

War Supplies:

Depending where you live, you are advised to prepare for the natural disasters that might affect your area. Some prepare for floods, some for earthquakes, and others for hurricanes. Here in Sderot we have none of those natural disasters. Instead we need to prepare for Kassams, grads and Katyusha rockets; we need to be prepared for war.

Even with it being relatively quiet, with only 396 rockets fired at us so far this year, we know from past experience that this calm will not last forever. If you ask people here in Sderot if they are prepared for the next round of daily Kassams they will tell you NO! Why? Because it is a hard thing to think about and to see that box of supplies in your bomb shelter is too hard to look at.

Some think they will have time to prepare once the Kassams start falling again and yet many others simply don’t have the money to fill a box full of the needed items. There is an extensive list of basic and essential items each family should have on hand and it can be viewed on our web site by clicking here.

We need your help so that we may be able to help prepare the needed items for those we support with food on a weekly basis. We need to be ready to help in a moments notice. It only makes sense to prepare now while there is calm. We will do the our part, that is we will deliver the food, the first aid supplies, the essential items when the Kassams begin to fall again but we need something to deliver and that is where we need your help to purchase the items we will deliver.

Will you take the time to look at the list of items we need to assemble? Are you willing to help us prepare for war, a war most believe is coming soon? If so please click here? We’ll put our lives on the line to make the deliveries when the time comes if you will put the fruit of your hard work on the line. We can do this together but we can’t do it without each other… will you click here?