Our plate is becoming quite full quickly. We have several projects we will be working on that will take us through the rest of this year. Where do we start… let’s go in chronological order.

We started building three bookcases for Rabbi Pizen in the synagogue of the Chabad hall this week. This is the hall we have used in the past for our first Hanukah party, a cloths give-away and our Purim party. The book cases will be used to hold all the different prayer books that are used through the year. We told the Rabbi if he could supply the material we would supply the labor to build them.

Rosh Hashanah is September 18 this year and we will be preparing holiday baskets for two hundred families. Each basket will have the fresh apples and honey, pomegranates, Kiddush wine and a honey cake. H.O.T the local cable company will be sending fifteen volunteers to join our volunteers to pack, wrap and deliver the baskets on Thursday the seventeenth.


We received a copy of the plans this week from the Almond Branch Initiative, which is the organization responsible for Afik’s Memorial Park. They will go to the city for approval this week and hopefully by our next news letter we will have start some of the prep work for Jill and her team for their October start date . The park will not only remember Afik but all the children that have been kill by terrorists rocket attacks in Sderot.

As we mentioned in a previous project update, Hope for Sderot would like to plant a “Hope Garden” within Afik’s park. If anyone would like to become part of this park project by purchasing a plant, bedding plants cost less than a dollar a piece, shrubs and rose bushes are five dollars each from the local nursery. There won’t be a plaque with the name of Hope For Sderot, or a little sign by the plant you help purchase, no fancy “suitable for framing” letter of recognition.

What will you get in return for your gift of love to a mother who has lost her son?… only personal satisfaction and the joy of knowing you shared the love of the L-RD your G-D you have in your hearts with Ruti.

If you find it in your heart to be part of this contribution from Hope For Sderot to the Almond Branch Initiative project, you can send your gift electronically by clicking here or to the mailing address below.

In addition we will be making plans for the November 11th day of blessing, which you can read about, just click here. Hanukah is in December and we hope to have our second Hanukah party them. Plans for that are in its early stages. You are always invited to be part of the projects we are involved in. Whether you want to donate to a specific project or will be in the land and want to have a “hands on” participation, you are always welcome to contact us by clicking here. If your organization wants to sponsor a project here in Sderot and you would like us to come along side with you to accomplish it, we would be more than happy to help as well.

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