Most of us when we receive a letter from a lawyer we don’t know or whom we haven’t hired to defend us are a bit hesitant to open the envelope, fearing there is more then likely no good news inside.

Last week I went to the post office to pick up our mail and there was a letter, you guessed it from a lawyer in Tel Aviv. As I tried to make out who it was addressed to, as my reading of Hebrew is just as bad as my speaking of Hebrew, I was hoping it was put into the wrong P.O box…. It wasn’t.

Eti said it was addressed to Hope For Sderot, go ahead and open it; reluctantly I opened it!

Attached to a note was check. The note was in Hebrew, all except for two words, someone’s name. I knew just by the name what the letter said, you see I have received maybe six letters like this over the past two years; each one with a check attached and the same basic note. The note goes like this…

Hello my name is so and so, I live in Israel and while I was in Rome I stopped into this leather shop. While we were shopping I was speaking to my wife in Hebrew. The owner of the store came up to us and asked if we needed any help; He also asked us where are we from, we said Israel.

We continued to shop and when it came time to pay for the items we had selected the owner told us, instead of paying him for the items, to go back home and send the price of or purchase to Hope For Sderot.

I am not sure how this store owner found out about us but we are thankful for his love and support. So If you ever find yourself in Rome and are looking for a place to shop… may be you could stop in to his shop. Please, Please, Please, don’t get me wrong! I don’t want you to stop in hopes we might receive anything from him, but for you to stop in and bless him… sort of like the letters we receive from him but in reverse.

The shop is called “Volterra” and it’s at Via Del Pantheon, 48, open Mon-Sat until 7:30pm. It’s a narrow, tiny shop with a hand picked selection of bags in all the colors of the rainbow.

If you get a chance to stop in please tell him hello from Hope For Sderot.