At 5:10 this evening a Kassam rocket landed in the yard of a home under construction in Sderot. One passer by was hit by flying shrapnel and  several people were treated for shock.

As people were in the center of town shopping the Tseva Adom was sounded. Some people ran back into the stores they were coming out of, while others ran to the nearest store they could find. For those woman and children that could not make it into a store or bomb shelter their only option was to crouch down by wall.

As the Kassam exploded you could feel and hear it had landed in town. As we waited to see if a second Kassam was launched and a second Tseva Adom sounded we looked at each other, shrugged our shoulder and went back to our cars.

Click below to hear the Tzeva Adom Warning

The mood here is starting to change; now it was a matter of getting home as soon as we could. As the terrorist attacks on Sderot continue you find yourself asking the question, “Do I really need to go out, do  I really need to go to the store? Once again the people of Sderot become prisoners in their own homes.