In November The Joshua Fund, an Evangelical Christian organization will be hosting a tour to Israel for some 300 people from all over the United States and different parts of the world. The tour group, people from different walks of life, various faiths and diverse backgrounds; all coming to see the land that is the hub for the world’s religions and the epic center for where the last chapter of the bible and the world as we know it will unfold.

The desire of The Joshua Fund is not only to tour the land but to bless the people of Israel as well. For one hundred of the people that means a day trip to Sderot. Not just to see the city that has been hit with over 7,500 Kassam rockets fired from Gaze terrorist but to bless three hundred families with Gifts of love.

For this group of people the day in Sderot will be spent giving food, clothing, toiletries, cleaning supplies, house wares, small appliances and bus passes. They will even be assembling and giving a new pull carts to the three hundred families to put all their gifts in.

We have been asked to come along side with The Joshua Fund to help plan the day, and with great joy we will do just that. Three hundred families or over thirteen hundred people will be blessed on that day.

The three hundred families will be made up of people injured by Kassams, single mothers, holocaust survivors; those who are struggling to keep their head above the water, Israeli Jews, Moroccan Jews, Ethiopian Jew and Russian Jews.

Hope for Sderot thanks The Joshua Fund and their supporters for their generosity and love for us in Sderot. May G-D richly bless you all and may you have a blessed time in His land.