On November the eleventh, Hope For Sderot and the Joshua Fund will host a “Day of Blessings” for three hundred residents of Sderot. In addition to the weekly supply of food we give out we will be adding bus passes, electric tea pots, socks, personal Hygiene items, cleaning supplies and kitchen items. The planning began in August after The Joshua Fund offered to sponsor this blessing for 300 families here in Sderot. In addition to the people we presently help, we have invited thirty families from the Ethiopian community, the five holocaust survivors who live in Sderot, twenty from the Russian community and the balance of guests will be those who are on the welfare rolls here in Sderot.
We have the hall and we will start cleaning and setting up the station this coming week. The printing is completed, food ordered, household goods and clothing will be ordered this week and the bus passes will be picked up on the 5th of November. We are looking forward to a wonderful day of blessing one family after another and to hear “Baruch HaShem” (Bless the Name or Praise G-D). We hope and pray all will be blessed on the eleventh.
To help distribute all the food and other items, one hundred of the three hundred people, who are part of The Joshua Fund tour of Israel, will take a day out of their tour to come down and meet some of the people of Sderot. They will be part of this blessing as they help distribute all the items starting at nine-thirty in the morning until they finish at six- thirty in the evening, just in time to make it back up to Jerusalem in time for dinner that night.

After The Joshua Fund leaves, we will take a few days to unwind and then we will start preparation for the second Hanukkah party on December 13. We will also see Kobi travel to Canada to share “Hope For Sderot” with different groups Deanna, one of our volunteers from Canada has arranged. We will also see Bobbi Anne travel back to the States until late December. Will we be short handed while they are gone? No, Why? Because… “Has the L-RD’S arm been shortened? Will they be missed? Absolutely!
Once everyone is back we will look forward to the soldier’s graduation and the bags of clothing we hope to give to them with love from you and us. So we still have a full plate in front of us. We covet your prayers and support.