This year has not started off with a lot of good news. The possibility of a boycott of Israeli goods by the Europe union would hurt those who have a hard time now making ends meet and the prospect of them losing their jobs by such a boycott would be devastating.

Unemployment in Sderot has been and is an ongoing problem. Even with a year of relative calm from Terrorist rocket attacks finding employment is still problematic.

But this was not the most disturbing news so far this year. Twenty six rockets have been fired from Gaza terrorists in the month of January. Five were shot down by the “Iron Dome” and the rest landed in open areas.
With each terrorist attack there is an IDF response. For every IDF response then there is a Hamas response and the ball or in this case the rocket keeps flying back and forth.

The latest response from Hamas is they have reportedly have withdrawn its security force responsible for preventing rocket launches targeting Israel from the Gaza; giving any of the terrorist groups in Gaza a green light to fire their rockets at us.

On top of this news was the report that The “Mujahideen Brigades” in Gaza now has a domestically-made ATM (Anti-Tank Missile) launcher. The launcher, which is just over a meter (39 inches) long, and is equipt with a basic aiming sights.

To add the icing to the cake…Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s recently called for an “armed uprising” and for the bombing of Tel Aviv : and the cherry on top… Hamas, the terrorist organization that rules Gaza, announced Sunday that the “third intifada is just a matter of time.”

Needles too say this is the talk of the town and put us all a little closer to the edge of our chairs. Yet we continue with going about our daily lives and Hope For Sderot continues to help the people of Sderot.

P.S. The State Department is expressly forbidding employees from using public bus service in Israeli cities, US government employees are also required to notify security personnel before traveling to the Kassam-hit western Negev.(that’s Sderot)

“In light of the threat of rocket or missile attacks, visitors and US citizens living in Israel should also familiarize themselves with the location of the nearest bomb shelter (often referred to as a secure or protected room),” the State Department said.