I had the occasion recently to travel up to Jerusalem to meet up with some friends. It was a wonderful time of sharing what the L-RD is doing down here in Sderot. It was also a wonderful time to get reacquainted as well.

I left Sderot early enough to spend some time on my own before it was time to meet my friends. It was nice to drive around and be up in Jerusalem. I made my way over to the Promenade and its breath taking view of the old city.

As I gazed upon the old city in the distance I could see a single Israeli flag. As the flag was blowing in the afternoon wind, the sound of the Muslim call to prayer started to blare. You could hear it from all the different mosques in the area, maybe as many as ten of them all at the same time.

I thought about the truth that was being played out right in front of me. Here is this single Israeli flag being surrounded by all this noise over loud speakers and it reminded me how Israel is surrounded by all her enemies making all this commotion. I thought to my self “just who are the real occupiers?”

As I listened to the noise, I couldn’t help but to stop and think how this call to prayer to a false god must pain the true and living G-D. There was a time in Jerusalem’s history when the only sounds you heard were the shofars being sounded on a Holy day instead of this noise. In those days you could also smell the aroma of the burnt offering and peace offering being offered up to the L-RD G-D of Israel. It is sad to see how far and how hard she has fallen.

Though I was saddened by what I saw and heard, I did not leave the Promenade disheartened. One day soon the Mashiach will come and make all things right. As His foot touches the Mount of Olives the earth will shake and the earth will give way to her Redeemer.

As the earth splits from east to west you will very possibly see the dome of the rock get sucked up by the earth never to be seen again. There will be no more Muslim calls to prayer but only the sound of the shofars blowing to the glory of G-D. Once again the smell of burnt offering and peace offerings will fill the air along with the incense that will be offered to the L-RD our G-D.

Finally the land that G-D gave His people will be theirs. Every square inch of the land promised to Israel will be theirs. The land will no longer be divided and there will be no “two state solution”. There will no longer be a need for walls to keep terrorists out of the city of our G-D, HE will be her defender. We will come and go in shalom, in peace.