We told you a few weeks ago about the reality of life in Sderot, and how the meaning of the word “ceasefire” or Hudna for Hamas does not mean to lay down your weapons, and let’s try to come to a solution, and let’s achieve peace, but rather it means, “Let’s lay our weapons down for now so we can re-stock and re-train so we can come back stronger some other day”.

In the times of relative quiet, when only a few Kassam rockets are fired at us, I have often said “They haven’t taken up needle point or knitting”. During this latest ceasefire that has once again been the case. It was reported in the news that “Hamas’s weapons production program in Gaza is moving ahead at full speed, with local rocket production centers churning out thousands of projectiles, according to Israeli security evaluations.”

While Hamas in Gaza is attempting a reunification with Fatah in the West Bank, the Islamist regime today forms one of the largest armed forces in the region, and it has restructured itself into a military-like combat entity, complete with territorial divisions, a senior security source told The Jerusalem Post on Monday.

The article went on to say “Hamas doesn’t really need the Iranians for support anymore. It creates its own weapons, and is responsible for most of its own training,” the source said. Gazan terrorist groups have amassed 10,000 rockets so far, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said at the end of May.

These include dozens of medium- range rockets that can reach greater Tel Aviv, placing seventy percent of Israeli civilians in range of Gaza’s rocket arsenal.
Hamas’s fighting divisions are made up of some 16,000 gunmen, while Islamic Jihad has built up a fighting force of 5,000 armed guerrillas, with the aid of Iranian funds and training. Islamic Jihad has more than two thousand rockets, and that number is growing.

According to Israeli evaluations, there are the 4,000 or so members of the smaller Gazan terror groups, each armed with their own mini arsenals of rockets, bombs and assault weapons.

Many of these groups have pledged allegiance to the global jihad ideology of al-Qaida leader Ayman Al Zawahiri. They maintain ties to fellow jihadis in the neighboring Sinai Peninsula, as well as Syria.

So what we here in Sderot have known and experienced over the past thirteen years tell us that history will once again repeat its self once again in the future you will read once again about Kassams being fired at us from terrorists in Gaza.